Drip Shader

Dennis Francis

A couple of uses for the drip shader

Samples Page

Fresnel Metals

Alan Stafford/Johannes Rosenberg

Example of Fresnel reflections on metals

(click for full size)


Moon Takeoff

Harvey White

Proximity and Supermixer

(click for movie)

Hanger Forcefield.cbr


Joe Ashear

Fabric done with Weave

(click for full size)

Spreading color (divx codec)

by Claudia Coles

(click for animation)

Yahoo Groups post about the animation

Fresnel on Blue Glass

Johannes Rosenberg

(click for full size)

click to see same image w/out Fresnel

Camera Concept

Joe Ashear

Camera Strap done with Weave

(click for full size)

The shader is on the samples page


Mark DesMarais

Front glass has fresnel shader. . .

Cararra Studio content shelf

(click for full size)

Shattered Crystal Ball by Shunsuke Ohira

(click for full size)

Shunsuke’s website is here. .  .

Chalince showing Iridescence <click for full size>

Chalice with Iridescence by Marc Quattromani

(click for full size)

Fender tweed amplifier

by Mark DesMarais

(click for full size)

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