Shoestring Toolbox

Shoestring toolbox is under development. It is a catch-all for random tools that Iíve made (someof them are even ones that have been requested!) The initial release should be some time in September of 2005, just to set a target. As with Shoestring Shaders, I anticipate starting at a low price and then as tools are added, raising the price for new purchasers.

These parts of the plugin are essentially complete, and in the testing/tweaking phase.


    Scaler- the simplest of the tweeners- scaler just multiplies whatever sub tweener you assign it. So if the sub tweener is Oscillate, with 3 cycles, and you set scaler to 10, you will get 30 cycles. Simple, huh?

    Dynamic repeater- lets you repeat any segment of time that has already occured in the objects timeline. The segment of time must be before the dynamic repeater is set up, but it may include any number of keyframes and tweeners, and need not begin or end on a kyeframe.

    Limiter- Allows a sub tweener to be suppressed for a portion of the tween. Useful for synchronization.


    Double track- stretches an object between two other objects. Great for keeping things hooked up in an animation!

    Follow- It lets one object follow another by a settable frame delay. It can follow XYZ location, rotation, scale and overall scale, each axis of each type independently enableable, with independent offsets and random factors. I think this one has a lot of possibilities!