MultiPass Control

MultiPass Control

MultiPass Control is designed to work with MultiPass Manager. It returns narrow grayscale values taylored to the MultiPass Manager. By using the Ref Shader slot, a single reference shader may be used to control many instances of the MultiPass Control shader, each of which may be overriden locally without losing any settings.


    These radio buttons control which pass is being run. If the Reference Shader pass is chosen, then the shader listed in the Ref Shader will be used.

Pass Name

    These fields are just reference labels- they have no effect on the shader at all. If you build complex shading structures, they may help you to keep track of which slots are doing what.

Ref Shader

    This shader channel allows for a reference shader to be used to control the MPC. This way multiple shaders can be referenced to a single instantiation of an MPC.


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